20 August, 2016

Playlist - 20 August 2016

Tonight, another selection of progressive rock from around the world and from here in Australia, starting with some classic Australian music from Sebastian Hardie and more recent tracks from the heavy band Dead Letter Opener (Brisbane). There's also some carefully selected tracks throughout in honour of National Science Week. which will wrap up tomorrow (perhaps to the relief of all the microbats residing around Salibury, Marion and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens). And this weekend the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book features Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and Dave Brock (Hawkwind).

Sebastian Hardie    Four Moments suite (1975) (Four Moments)
UK    In the dead of night (1978) (UK)
Subaudible Hum    Science maketh the scientist (2006) (In Time For Spring, On Came The Snow)
Dead Letter Opener    Reflect + Refract + Jetstream (2009) (Lumen)
Led Zeppelin    Kashmir (1975) (Physical Graffiti)
Hawkwind    Silver machine (1972) (single only)
Hawkwind    Mirror of illusion (1970) (Hawkwind)
Hawkwind    Assault and battery / The golden void (1975) (Warrior On The Edge Of Time)
Hawkwind    Motorway City (live,1979) (Live ‘79)
Hawkwind    Quark, Strangeness and Charm (1977) (Quark, Strangeness and Charm)
Kate Bush    Cloudbursting (1985) (Hounds of Love)
Ben Craven    The remarkable man (2016) (Last Chance To Hear)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

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