23 April, 2016

Playlist - 23 April 2016

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits, this week with an Anzac Day special of music from Australia and New Zealand, mostly from the classic period of the early to mid '70's, including The Masters, Sebastian Hardie, Tamam Shud and Tully from Australia - and Airlord, Dragon, Split Enz and Ticket from New Zealand. Meanwhile, the Australian classical guitarist John Williams is in the Seasons Of Change birthday book.

Southern Empire    How long (2016) (Southern Empire)
Anubis    Collapse (live) (2012) (A King With No Crown, single)
Split Enz    Stranger than fiction (1975) (Second Thoughts)
Ticket    Dream chant + Awake (1972) (Awake)
The Masters Apprentices    Melodies of St. Kilda/Southern Cross + Thyme to rhyme (1972) (A Toast To Panama Red)
Dragon    Darkness (1975) (Scented Gardens For The Blind)
Dragon    Universal radio (1974) (Universal Radio)
Airlord    Pictures in a puddle + Out of the woods (1977) (Clockwork Revenge)
Levi Smith's Clefs    Relief from a lighted doorway (1970) (Empty Monkey)
Fraternity    Seasons of Change (1971) (Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 1 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Tamam Shud    Bali waters (1972) (Morning Of The Earth s/track / bonus track on re-issue of Goolutionites And The Real People)
John Williams    Sarabande (1971) (Changes)
Sky    Where Opposites Meet (1979) (Sky)
Sebastian Hardie    Openings (1975) (The Four Moments)
Cybotron    Parameters of consciousness (1976) (Cybotron)

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