05 March, 2016

Playlist - 5 March 2016

Fraternity    Seasons of Change (1971) (Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)
Transatlantic    All of the above (live) (2010) (Whirld Tour 2010)
Sebastian Hardie    Four moments suite: Glories Shall Be Released - Dawn of Our Sun - Journey Through Our Dreams - Everything Is Real (1975) (Four Moments)
David Gilmour    In any tongue (2015) (Rattle That Lock)
Pink Floyd    Sheep (1977) (Animals)
Symphony X    Domination (2007) (Paradise Lost)
Symphony X    Eyes of Medusa (live) (2001) (Live On The Edge Of Forever)
Unitopia    Genesis medley (2013) (Covered Mirror Vol.1 Smooth As Silk)
Teramaze    Delusions of grandeur (2015) (Her Halo)
Andy Salvanos    Sun’s rising ( 2007) (Fragments)
Ozric Tentacles    Epiphloy (2015) (Technicians Of The Sacred)
Ozric Tentacles    Thyroid (1985) (Erpsongs)
Dave Gilmour    Comfortably numb (live, 2006) (Live In Gdansk)
Magma    Kobah + Lihns (1975) (Live)

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