04 April, 2015

Playlist - 4 April 2015 (Easter Saturday)

For Easter Saturday, a special show featuring Camel recorded live in concert with a performance of their instrumental concept album "The Snow Goose". There's also classic Australian music from Lobby Loyde, Mandu and Sebastian Hardie, plus (more recently) Unitopia.  And don't forget to look to the sky tonight for the total lunar eclipse - it starts from about 8:45pm (ACDST), with totality expected around 10:24pm (ACDST).

United Progressive Fraternity    The water (2014) (Fall In Love With The World)
Unitopia    Easter (2013) (Covered Mirror Vol.1)
Renaissance    Ashes are burning (1973) (Ashes Are Burning)
Sebastian Hardie    Openings (1975) (The Four Moments)
Mandu    Captain voyager + Darlin’ + We ran across the sky (1974) (To The Shores Of His Heaven)
Camel    The Snow Goose (live, 1975) (A Live Record)
Lobby Loyde & Southern Electric    Dreamtide (1976) (Obsecration)
Dream Theater    Octavarium (2005) (Octavarium)
G. Wayne Thomas    The morning of the earth (1972) (The Morning Of The Earth)
Yes    And you and I (1972) (Close To The Edge)
Pink Floyd    Echoes (1971) (Meddle)
Andy Salvanos    Free range eggs (2007) (Closer)

For more information about the lunar eclipse and especially about seeing it from Adelaide, please have a look at the excellent Astroblogger site which has a heap of good detail.


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