21 March, 2015

Playlist - 21 March 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, featuring Like Leaves (Adelaide) and Andy Salvanos (Adelaide) plus a trip back to 1971 for classic Australian music from Spectrum and Flake. And it's happy birthday this week to Phil Judd (Split Enz, The Swingers, Schnell Fenster), Carl Palmer (Atomic Rooster, ELP and Asia), Tony McPhee (Groundhogs) and Roger Hodgson (Supertramp).

Planet X    2116 (2000) (Universe)
Rush    2112 (1976) (2112)
Haken    Atlas stone (2013) (The Mountain)
Mastodon    Ghost of Karelia (2009) (Crack The Skye)
Like Leaves    Monument (2011) (Like Leaves)
Andy Salvanos    Running water (2007) (Closer)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Tank (1970) (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
Asia    Heat of the moment (1982) (Asia)
Emerson Lake & Palmer    Two part invention in D minor (1977) (Works Volume I)
The Groundhogs    Cherry red (1971) (Split)
Camel    Supertwister (1974) (Mirage)
Slapp Happy    Dawn (1974) (Casablanca Moon)
Egg    Wring out the ground (loosely now) (1974) (The Civil Service)
Spectrum    Fiddling fool (1971) (Part One)
Flake    Under the silent tree (1971) (How’s Your Mother)
Split Enz    Time for a change (1975) (Mental Notes)
Split Enz    Malmsbury villa (1979) (Beginning Of The Enz)
Split Enz    Sweet dreams (1976) (Second Thoughts)
Schnell Fenster    Heroes let you down (1991) (Heroes Let You Down, single)
Roger Hodgson    Take the long way home + The logical song (live, 2010) (Classics Live)
Roger Hodgson    Only because of you (1984) (Eye Of The Storm)
Ozric Tentacles    Yoy mandala (2000) (Swirly Termination)
Cybotron    Eureka (Guitar version) (1980)  (Implosion, bonus track from re-issue CD)

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