03 January, 2015

Playlist - 3 January 2015

For the first edition of "Seasons Of Change" for 2015, to paraphrase the title of a very early Pink Floyd song, we...

 ...encountering the usual diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, or at least as much as can fit into 3 hours. Amidst some classics and oddities, this includes classic Australian music from Sebastian Hardie and the eclectic Rainbow Theatre; and, from across the Tasman, Dragon and Split Enz.

Steeleye Span    Little Sir Hugh (Jan 1975) (Commoners Crown)
Rush    Making memories (Feb 1975) (Fly By Night)
Curved Air    Back street luv (live) (Feb 1975) (Curved Air Live)
Hatfield and the North    Share it (Mar 1975) (The Rotters Club)
Ariel    Rock & roll scars (Mar 1975) (Rock & Roll Scars)
Renaissance    I think of you (Mar 1975) (Turn of The Cards)
Tangerine Dream    Rubycon (extract) (Mar 1975) (Rubycon)
Genesis    Carpet crawlers (Apr 1975) (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway)
Camel    Flight of the snow goose (Apr 1975) (The Snow Goose)
Hawkwind    Magnu (May 1975) (Warrior On The Edge Of Time)
Rick Wakeman    Merlin the magician (May 1975) (The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table)
Split Enz    Spellbound (Jul 1975) (Mental Notes)
Caravan    Stuck in a hole (single version) (Aug 1975) (Cunning Stunts)
Sebastian Hardie    Glories Shall Be Released - Dawn of Our Sun - Journey Through Our Dreams - Everything Is Real (Aug 1975) (Four Moments)
Kansas    Song for America (single version) (Aug 1975) (Song For America)
Gentle Giant    On reflection (Aug 1975) (Free Hand)
PFM    Chocolate kings (1975) (Chocolate Kings)
Procol Harum    Pandora’s box (Sept 1975) (Procol’s Ninth)
Rainbow Theatre    The Armada (suite) (1975) (The Armada)
Pink Floyd    Wish you were here (Sept 1975) (Wish You Were Here)
Dragon    Darkness (Oct 1975) (Scented Gardens For The Blind)
Van der graaf Generator     The undercover man (Oct 1975) (Godbluff)
Barclay James Harvest    Titles (Oct 1975) (Time Honoured Ghosts)
Chris Squire    Lucky seven (Nov 1975) (Fish Out Of Water)
Queen    Love of my life (Nov 1975) (A Night At The Opera)

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