23 March, 2013

Playlist - 23 March 2013

Tonight, some music for Earth Hour from 8:30pm - see if you can spot the tracks. And a final tribute to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of Dark Side Of The Moon with the ASO in concert, 2006.

Spectrum    Milesago (1971) (Milesago)
Renaissance    Ocean gypsy (1975) (Scheherazade)
Kansas    Lamplight symphony (1974) (Song For America)
The Church    Under the milky way (1988) (Starfish)
King Crimson    Starless (live, 1974) (1975) (USA)
Spectrum    Fly without its wings (1972) (Milesago)
The Enid    Prelude + Mayday galliard (1977) (Aerie Faerie Nonsense)
Roger Hodgson    London (1987) (Hai Hai)
Breaking Orbit    Echoes (2012) (The Time Traveller)
Traffic    Rainmaker (1971) (The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys)
Traffic    Hole in my shoe (1967) (single only)
Flash And The Pan    Hey St Peter (single, 1978) (Flash And The Pan)
The Easybeats    Friday on my mind (1966)
Heather Findlay (ex-Mostly Autumn)    Half a world (2012) (The Heather Findlay Band: Songs From The Old Kitchen)
Mostly Autumn    Mother nature (2001) (The Last Bright Light)
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra    Speak to me + Breathe + On the run + Time + Us and Them + Brain Damage/Eclipse (live, 2006) (ASO Plays Pink Floyd)
Andy Salvanos    Radiant (2011) (Dream Recall)

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