23 February, 2013

Playlist - 23 February 2013

It's the last programme for Summer, starting with a classic Canterbury epic from Caravan.

Caravan    Nine feet underground (1971) (In The Land Of Grey And Pink)
Pink Floyd    Fat old sun (1970) (Atom Heart Mother)
Airbag    All rights removed (2011) (All Rights Removed)
Kettlespider    The kettle spider (2010) (demo)
Toehider    Daddy issues (2011) (To Hide Her)
Deborah Conway and & Willy Zygier (with Paul Kelly)    It doesn’t work that way (2004) (Summertown)
Glass Hammer    Tales of the great wars (2002) (Lex Rex)
Yes    Tempus fugit (1980) (Drama)
Kettlespider    Comatose (2012) (Avadante)
Unitopia    Give and take (2009) (The Garden)
Stephen Wilson    Luminol (2012) (The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories))
Porcupine Tree    Piano Lessons (1998) (stupid dream)
Dream Theater    Metropolis Pt.1: The Miracle And The Sleeper (1992) (Images And Words)
Unitopia    Suffocation (instrumental) + Artificial World + Nothing lasts forever + Tesla (live, 2011) (One Night In Europe)
Marillion    Seasons end (1989) (Seasons End)
Mario Millo    Rebecca (1979) (single, The Australian Guitar Album / All Fired Up: The Lost Treasures Of Australian Music 1970-1990)

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