28 December, 2012

Playlist - 29 December 2012

For the last programme of 2012, a selection of the more interesting music released during the last 12 months. Plus live music from Tamam Shud and Spectrum. Happy New Year!

The Flower Kings    For those about to drown + For the love of gold (2012) (Banks Of Eden)
Lorenzo Feliciati    Law and Order (2012) (Frequent Flyer)
Sebastian Hardie    I wish + Another string (2012)  (Blueprint)
Threshold    Ashes (radio edit) (2012) (March Of Progress)
District 97    Read your mind (2012) (Trouble With Machines)
Gazpacho    Black lily (2012) (March Of The Black Ghosts)
Iron Butterfly    Most anything you want (1968) (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda)
Captain Beyond    Dancing madly backwards (on a sea of air) (1972) (Captain Beyond)
Captain Beyond    Starglow energy + Everything's a circle (1973) (Sufficiently Breathless)
Flying Colors    Everything changes (2012) (Flying Colors)
Neal Morse    Weathering Sky (2012) (Momentum)
Rush    Caravan (2012) (Clockwork Angels)
Morglbl    Le Surfer D'Argentine (2012) (Brutal Romance)
Zoot    Flying (1970) (Just Zoot / Zoot Locker)
Zoot    Eleanor Rigby (1970) (single only / Zoot Locker)
Tamam Shud    I wanna be your life + Sea the swells + Feel free + I’m going home (live, 2007) (Noosa Rain)
Tamam Shud    Shakin’ out the  stones (1994) (Permanent Culture)
Spectrum    Sensible shoes + Right into you (live, 2003) (Forever Young Music presents: Series One – Seasons Of Change)
Spectrum    Second coming (live, 2000-2002) (Queenscliff Music Festival - Alive)
Jimmy Little    Pearls of wisdom + Reach out (2003)  (Down The Road)

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