05 October, 2012

Playlist - 6 October 2012

The United Nations has declared October 4 to 10 to be 'World Space Week' - so what more reason is needed to, amongst other things, dust off some classic space rock for the first and last hours of this week's episode of 'Seasons Of Change'... And from 9pm an hour of great Australian music kicks off with Anubis and an epic track from their recent album, "A Tower Of Silence".

Pink Floyd    Astronomy Dominie (1967) (Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)
Pink Floyd    Echoes (1971) (Meddle)
Pink Floyd    Great gig in the sky (1973) (Dark Side Of The Moon)
Dave Greenslade    A-Tuin the Turtle (1994) (Terry Pratchett's Tales from the Discworld)
Hawkwind    Dust of time (1979) (Levitation)
Nektar    Journey to the centre of the eye - Side One (1971) (Journey To The Centre Of The Eye)
Anubis    The passing bell (Parts I – VI) (2011) (A Tower Of Silence)
Spectrum    Launching place Part 1 (1970) (Spectrum Part One)
Spectrum    Untitled (1971) (Milesago)
Lobby Loyde    Entry into Relgon (1976) (Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths Of Klimster)
Sebastian Hardie    Four Moments suite: Glories Shall Be Released/Dawn of Our Sun/Journey Through Our Dreams/Everything Is Real (1975) (Four Moments / Four Moments Of The Windchase)
Rush    Countdown (1982) (Signals)
Golden Earring    Eight miles high (1969) (Eight Miles High)
Hawkwind    Assault & Battery/Golden Void (live, 1991) (Palace Springs)
Hawkwind    Lighthouse (live, 1979) (Live 79)
Hawkwind    Silver machine (live, 1972) (At The BBC - 1972)
Yes    Madrigal (1978) (Tormato)

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