18 August, 2012

Playlist - 18 August 2012

Pink Floyd    Obscured by clouds + When you’re in (1972) (Obscured By Clouds)
Procol Harum    Il tuo diamante (1968) (single only)
Procol Harum    Repent Walpurgis (1967) (Procol Harum)
Cybotron    Implosion + Detective (1980)  (Implosion)
The James Taylor Move (feat. Kevin Peek)    Still I can go on (1967)  (single only, Peculiar Hole In The Sky: Pop-Psych From Down Under)
Sky    Danza (1979) (Sky)
Kevin Peek    Still waters (2010) (Still Waters: Music For TV and Film)
The Flower Kings    The Judas Kiss (live) (USA, 1998) (Alive On Planet Earth)
Squat Club    Corvus (2010) (Corvus / Bird's Robe Records sampler 2012)
Jellyfiche    La marchand d’hommes (2011) (Symbiose)
Sebastian Hardie    I remember (2012) (Blueprint)
Cream    Sweet wine (live, 1966) (BBC Sessions)
Hawkwind    Dust of time (1980) (Levitation)
A Secret River    Blinding light (2012) (demo EP / Prognosis: Into The Lens)
Kate Bush      Eat the music (1993) (The Red Shoes)
Dream Theater    This is the life (2011) (A Dramatic Turn Of Events)
The Flower Kings    There is more to this world + Church of your heart + Nothing new under the sun + The lamb lies down on Broadway (live) (USA, 1998) (Alive On Planet Earth)
The Flower Kings    The wonder wheel (1995) (Return To The World Of Adventures)
Buffalo    Sunrise (come my way) (1972) (Volcanic Rock)
The Atlantics    Wedding cake island (2009) (Bombora, soundtrack)

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