05 July, 2012

Playlist - 7 July 2012

Cream    Anyone for tennis (1968) (single only / Cream Gold)
Barclay James Harvest    Mocking bird (1971) (Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories)
It’s A Beautiful Day    White bird (1969)  (It’s A Beautiful Day)
Airbag    The bridge + Never coming home (2011)  (All Rights Removed)
Voyager    The pensive disarray (2011)  (The Meaning Of I)
Andy Salvanos    Summer (2011)  (Dream Recall)
Yes    Time and a word (live, 1996) (Keys To Ascension 2)
The Beatles    Octopus's garden (1969)  (Abbey Road)
The Beatles    Side Two of Abbey Road (1969)
Ozric Tentacles    Disolution (the clouds disperse) (1989)  (Pungent Effulgent)
Holderlin    Traum (1972)  (Traum / The World Of Krautrock Vol.2)
Madder Lake    12lb toothbrush (1973)  (Still Point)
Swan Sex    The first and last in (2011)  (The First And Last In)
Yes    Yours is no disgrace (1970) (The Yes Album)
Yes    Open your eyes (1998) (Open Your Eyes)
Yes    Siberian Khatru (live, 1996) (Keys To Ascension)
Yes    I’ve seen all good people + Close to the edge (live, 1996) (Keys To Ascension 2)
The Atlantics    Wedding cake island (2009) (Bombora, soundtrack)

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