06 April, 2012

Playlist - 7 April 2012 (Easter Saturday)

Jimmy Little    Reach out (2003) (Down The Road)
The Moody Blues    Question (1970) (A Question Of Balance)
Marillion    Dreamy street + This train is my life + Essence + Wrapped up in time + Liquidity (2008) (Happiness Is The Road)
Renaissance    A song for all seasons (1978) (A Song For All Seasons)
Pink Floyd    Stay (1972) (Obscured by Clouds)
Syd Barrett    Love you (1970) (The Madcap Laughs)
Nektar    Remember the future Pt.1 (1973) (Remember The Future)
Madder Lake    Butterfly farm (1974)  (Butterfly Farm)
Greenslade    An English Western (1972) (Greenslade)
Van der Graaf Generator    Refugees (1970) (The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other)
Deborah Conway    World of love (1993) (Bitch Epic)
Unitopia    Still Here (2005) (More Than A Dream)
The Who   Won't get fooled again (1971) (Who's Next)
G. Wayne Thomas    The morning of the earth (1972) (The Morning of the Earth s/track)
Camel    The Snow Goose (complete) (live, 1975) (A Live Record)

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