02 March, 2012

Playlist - 3 March 2012

Lotus   Lotus 1 (I’ll be gone) (1971) (single only / Golden Miles – Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Kaipa   Smoke from a secret source (2010) (In the Wake of Evolution)
Tony Levin      Waters of Eden (2000) (Waters Of Eden)
Jethro Tull       Cup of wonder (1972) (Songs from the Wood)
Ian Anderson  Postcard Day (1990) (The Secret Language of Birds)
Loreena McKennitt     Full Circle (1994) (The Mask and Mirror)
Madder Lake  Salmon Song + On my way to heaven (1973) (Still Point)
Porcupine Tree            The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One) (1997) (The Sky Moves Sideways)
Ozric Tentacles           Shards of Ice (1985) (Tantric Obstacles)
Breathing Space          Clear (2009) (Below The Radar)
Pink Floyd      Burning bridges (1972) (Obscured by Clouds)
Caravan           Place of my own (1968) (Caravan)
Soft Machine  Bundles (1975) (Bundles)
Hatfield and the North           Share it (1975) (The Rotters Club)
Caravan           Hello Hello (1968) (Caravan - re-issue, bonus track)
Company Caine          The day Superman got busted (1971) (A Product of a Broken Reality / Golden Miles – Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Rush    The Fountain of Lamneth (1975) (Caress Of Steel)
Rush    Roll the bones (1991) (Roll The Bones)
Rick Wakeman            Anne Boleyn + Merlyn the Magician + Catherine Parr (live) (1975) (Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour)
Sebastian Hardie         At the end (1975) (Windchase / Four Moments Of The Windchase)

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